Commodities & Spares

The following Commodities and Spares are in manufacturing, more details coming soon:

  • Stainless steel spray-bars
  • Stainless steel vibrating screen spray-bar
  • Rubber-lined rollers
  • Tracking units



Power Nozzle

jrx-power-nozzleThe POWER NOZZLE is a high pressure, high capacity, variable flow, variable impact self-cleaning nozzle manufactured from premium materials.
Applications include washing of media over the Vibrating Screen Deck, dust suppression, increasing of moisture content etc. The advantage for use on a Vibrating Screen is the ability to be cleaned / flushed remotely whilst the machine is in operation. The flushing system can be manual or automatically operated. The flushing system medium can be either pneumatic or water. Relatively large suspended particles can be accommodated by the nozzle and when the Spray Pattern / Performance is impeded the affected Nozzle can be flushed without disrupting production or the flow of the other Nozzles in the Spraybar.

The Spray Pattern is a hollow cone with a standard included angle of 60°, but other angles can be produced to order. Nozzle opening is adjustable from closed to approximately 10 mm.

This gives a total open area of the Nozzle to be approximately 1250 mm2. Automated systems can be supplied.

Nozzle Performance

Spray Height generally varies from 300 mm to 600 mm and is designed around overall Spray width. Flow can be adjusted via an external adjustable stroke limiter and the impact is adjusted by an external pressure regulator.

Nozzle operating pressure up to 25 bar. Nozzle flow is infinitely variable up to the amount of water that can exit a 1250 mm2 opening at operating pressure.

Flushing Mechanism

Flushing mechanism is either compressed air or clean water. Ideal operating pressure should be 4-6 bar but needs to be a minimum of 2 bar higher than Nozzle pressure.


This nozzle is ideal to wash media moving over a Vibrating Screen. It’s large and adjustable aperture as well as its ability to be cleaned / flushed / purged, at the machine, remotely or both makes it ideal for plants that utilize recycled or process water with suspended solids where nozzle blockages cause product quality issues as well as downtime and production loss. Other applications include dust suppression and moisture content additions.

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