Afri-Tech Engineering are the BBBEE arm of The Afri-Tech group, an engineering company that primarily services the Mining and Heavy industrial sectors with unique and innovative products, some of which have revolutionised the industry through massive cost saving on implementation.

One of the bespoke products created for Afri-Tech Mining supplies the ‘Mother ‘company that specialises in screen and filter cloths, is the ‘Internal brush spray bar.’ So “what is an internal brush spray bar?” …and what are its applications?

The cleaning challenge

Cloth washing is essential to ensure continued process quality when filtering. By preventing filter cloth ‘blinding’ a clean filter cloth will prevent inefficient cloth filtering. Blinding of the cloth is when undersized particles get stuck between the cloth strands. This decreases the cloth’s drainage rates and essentially renders the filter cloth useless. In the case of processes like ‘Vacuum Belt filtering’ and ‘Belt press de-watering’, the cleaner a cloth is on the return, the longer the belt life will become. Blinding can also cause total cloth failure, as the particles that are stuck in between the cloth strands may erode the strand to a point where fraying can occur. An efficient cloth washing system is therefore important to maintain and extend filter cloth life.

The Solution – Internal brush spray bar

An Internal brush spray bar is an efficient and effective way of washing a filter cloth. The spray bar is mounted over the frame of the machine and the nozzles pointed in the direction of the filter cloth. The top spray bar assists in loosening any particles that are partially stuck in the cloth, but behind the top spray bar is another, spraying through the bottom of the cloth. This secondary spray bar washes residual product out of the cloth, loosening and washing away the remaining particles out of the cloth.

Something about the product

Afri-Tech Engineering manufactures its own internal brush spray bar system, constructed out of Stainless Steel with a cast aluminium hand wheel. The spray bar is a 2” Stainless Steel pipe with nozzles mounted on the length of the pipe. Internally a brush shaft assembly is constructed and inserted. The brush shaft assembly is there for when nozzles become blocked – with an external hand wheel that can be turned – this will then rotate the brushes on the inside of the pipe and “sweep” the pipe and nozzle apertures clean. The construction also has a dump valve on the hand wheel side. When the hand wheel is turned the dump valve is opened to allow all loose debris to be flushed out of the pipe.

Shapes and sizes…

Afri-Tech Engineering has two standard nozzle aperture sizes of 3mm and 3.5mm orifice …however if clients require other orifice sizes the following orifice size are available: 2mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm. If clients require a spray bar designed for their specific needs, then just a few dimensions are needed: Height from filter cloth to spray bar position; Width of the machine frame and the width of the filter cloth. With these few measurements Afri -Engineering is able to design and manufacture a completely custom made spray bar system!

We hope this has answered the question “What is an internal brush spray bar?” For any engineering requirements relating to this industry, please contact us through The Afri-Tech group for expert professional assistance.