The Leiden Tracking Sensor, a revolution in tracking of filter cloths, belt press belts, linear screen cloths.


Industry Leading

The traditional tracking sensor has been unchanged for years, so why fix something that is not broken? Progression is the answer, no one has ever moved forward by staying the same.

The biggest improvement has been to the tracking sensor rod, the rod of the sensor that steers the tracking system. The Leiden sensor rod has a specially engineered stainless steel outer sleeve that rotates under friction reducing wear on the sensor rod and increases the life of the rod.

Pneumatically operated [compressed air] the Leiden Tracking Sensor operates at pressures of between 2.5-4 Bar, it is important to remember that this air must be filtered using an air filter regulator. Made of stainless steel the unit has good corrosion resistance. A standard connection of 8mm PU push-in pipe connectors are supplied.



Cloth tracking on linear screens, vacuum belt filters and belt presses.