An innovative and economical lightweight solution for the industry.


The New Standard
For Sliding Bars

The Afri-Tech sliding bar is intended to replace the industry standard of cloth support rollers normally found on linear screens. The sliding bar system has:
• No bearings
• No grease
• No plumber blocks
• No rollers
• No rubber

Currently Afri-Tech has numerous systems installed and operational. The life expectancy currently ranges from 8-12 months dependent on the conditions of use. We manufacture our slides from low friction liners as it has excellent abrasive and chemical resistance, and therefore making it the longest wearing material produced.



Standard widths in stock:
4700mm for the use on cloths 4.5m wide;
3700mm for the use on cloths 3.5m wide;
2700mm for the use on cloths 2.5m wide;
2050mm for the use on cloths 1.9m wide


1. Promotes reliable, steady bulk material flow.
2. Abrasion-, chemical- and corrosion – resistant.
3. Low coefficient of friction.
4. No moisture absorption.
5. Easy to replace wear strips when eventually required.
6. Reduced down time with replacement due to design


The sliding bar is made from mild steel and stainless steel.