What Is A Cloth Tracking Unit And How Is It Applied?

Afri-Tech Mining Supplies (Pty) Ltd are a dynamic, innovative Gauteng based South African company that primarily supply Linear screen cloths, Vacuum belts and Belt press cloths to the mining and some other related industries of South Africa and internationally. This is a range of highest quality materials for usage on linear screens, vacuum belt filters, belt presses and automatic pressure filters. All these are essential products relating to trash removal, filtration and de-watering.

As a company that strives to provide a comprehensive range of products that fall within the gambit of their specialisation, Afri-Tech designs, manufactures and also supplies a number of products that relate to these three primary products. In this series we take a closer look at these supplementary products and their application.

The Afri Tracker Cloth tracking unit

Cloth tracking is essential to any linear screen and vacuum belt filter. All screen and filter cloths need to run true and remain absolutely centre at all times in order to be efficient as well as to prevent loss or damage to the cloth or equipment. The most prominent cause of folding or tearing of the cloth is found with incorrect tracking and/or loss of air being fed to the tracking unit.

Proudly South African

The Afri Tracker Cloth tracking unit is a proudly South African product, a locally manufactured 304 stainless steel tracking unit which is used for the correct tracking and precise alignment of screen and filter cloths. With two types to choose from …a 60mm stroke …and a 140mm stroke, the Afri Tracker covers all the bases for all the usually required cloth widths.

Solid and dependable

In choosing to manufacture the Afri Tracker in stainless steel, we have assured our clients will have a durable, long lasting and dependable unit. Also directly available directly from Afri -Tech Mining Supplies is a full range of service spares which include slides, bellows and air service units …as well as air lock out/ air interlock units. The complete Afri Tracker Cloth tracking unit is also supplied with an Air filter regulator and PU piping for our client’s convenience. Ancillary items or spares for the unit need to be requested separately.

The Afri-Tech Air Lock out/Air interlock unit

On sites where air loss may be an issue, Afri -Tech offers an Air Lock Out/ Air Interlock unit. This Air Lock Out/ Air Interlock can be fitted inline on the supply air, either before or after the air filter regulator, or wherever the site instrumentation technician deems it fit, to obtain the best results. When connected, this unit will switch off the machine when air to the tracking unit is lost, or if air is not present after replacing the cloth. The unit is also able to switch equipment on if air reaches a desired pressure, making it an invaluable acquisition. Both the Minimum/Off limit and Maximum/On limits are fully adjustable.

We believe our quality products, coupled with our commitment to supply bespoke products to suit our client’s specific needs, place us up with the best in our area of expertise …and we are always happy to engage with those seeking innovative ways to improve on all aspects of the industry.

For more information about the Afri Tracker Cloth tracking unit please contact sales@afri-tech.net

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