Award Winning Spray Nozzle

With the massive success of the Power Nozzle launch at Electra Mining Africa 2018, Afri-Tech has received the prestigious accolades of South African Innovation Award for 2018 as well as the Overall Innovation Award from SACEEC and Electra Mining Africa. Afri-Tech truly believes that this product will change the way the industry thinks about production.

With blocked spray nozzles becoming a massive problem for production plants the Power Nozzle is the answer. This fully automatic forced ejection spray nozzle eliminates the need for line stoppages. This equates into a direct saving in production costs as less labour is needed as well as less downtime due to blocked spray nozzles.

With “Zero Water Usage” becoming a buzz word in industry, more and more companies are turning to recycled water as the first step to obtain the “Zero Water Usage” goal. The use of recycled water comes with the inherent problem of suspended solids and it is these suspended solids that cause blockage problems at the spray nozzle ends. With the cost of cleaning water being a costly exercise most industry leaders opt not to throw money at the process of making potable water. They rather clean this water to a certain point and remove a reasonable amount of suspended solids. This makes sense as the cost of making potable water for a process that turns that same water into un-potable outweighs the benefits. The recycled water or “Process Water” is predominately used for washing and other processes other than human consumption. The aim of the “Zero Water Usage” concept is that industry does not use potable water wastefully.

The Power Nozzle, being a forced ejection spray nozzle, allows our clients to use semi-clean water. The operation of debris ejection out of the Power Nozzle spray pattern is fully automatic and is controlled by an unequal repeating timer. The client then has the option of choosing their own flushing interval times. The full stainless steel construction of the Power Nozzle also allows the client to use the Power Nozzle in various environments. Currently Afri-Tech has over 300 Power Nozzle units running in the various industries over the past 3 years. A truly award winning, South African product.

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